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Tornado - In October 2010 the East Lancashire Railway played host to the locomotive TORNADO.  Ramsbottom was one of the railway stations that benefited from the visit of this guest locomotive.

Captured with twinned Sony camcorders and edited with MAGIX Video deluxe 17 Plus. (Active)

Seaquarium - 3D video shot at the SeaQuarium located in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, UK.  A Sony HDR TD10 camcorder fitted with a Cyclopital 3D Close-Up attachment and +2 close up lens was used to capture the video.  Sony Vegas Pro.was used to edit the video with SmartSound music and sound effects added. (Not yet active)

War Of The Puds - Each year, throwers from all of the world, gather in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, UK to e challenge of dislodging Yorkshire puddings from a scaffold by throwing locally produced Black puddings.  Legend has it that the 170 year old tradition is derived from a shortage of ammunition during the ‘War of the Roses’!  (Active)

Bromyard Gala 2011 - The Gala, held in Bromyard, Herefordshire UK.,  has all the features of a good old time country show with attractions and arena events.  Many classic cars and steam vehicles are are also on display.  The event has been held for well over 40 years.  It is captured here using a Sony TD10 stereo camcorder. (Active)

A Tale Of Two Museums - While on holiday, we have visited quite a few museums.  The similarity of the two seen here is striking in that both are owned collectors who have chosen to display their collection in similar rural premises; the Bakelite museum in Somerset UK. And the Cafetiere museum in the Charentes, France. (Active)

Videos (3D)

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Caithness Glass - Close-Up - A short 3D video that demonstrates the use of ProShow Producer slide 'Styles'.  The close-up shots were taken with a Canon 5D and the soundtrack is by courtesy of SmartSound (SonicFire). (Active)

A Short stay in Strasbourg - The street entertainers seen here include the Bubble Lady and a group of Alpine Horn players. They were captured with a Panasonic 3D1 camera on Kleber Square.  In the evening, the light show begins. (Active)

Clouds at Sunset 3D - A short sequence of time-lapse video captured, with a Sony TD10 from my own back garden.  Some shots involved a slider. (Active)

Playing With Time 3D - Time-lapse sequences with musical accompaniment by the author.

Various cameras used, including a Fuji W3 and Canon 5D.  Home built rotary stage with 7 day cycle time used with some shots.  (Active)

Soundtrack features PG Music - Band in a Box software for background to my own clarinet playing.

Duxford 2016 - The Warbirds on display, including the famous Red Arrows display team.  

Twinned Panasonic GX-7 cameras were used for the video sequences and a Fuji W3 for the stills taken in the Hangers. (Active)

Soundtrack features PG Music - Band in a Box software for background to my own clarinet playing.

Cathedral of the Canals - A visit to the Anderton Boat Lift in Cheshire.  The lift was first opened in July 1875 as a commercial response to the costly transhipment of goods between River Weaver Navigation and the Trent/Mersey Canal.  A twinned Sony Camcorder rig captured the video. (Active)

Soundtrack features PG Music - Band in a Box software for background to my own clarinet playing.

Natural History 3D - Introducing some of the projects with which I get involved and the equipment I use.  Much of the content relates to time-lapse photography using a Canon 5D with an MRMC Stereoscopic Stepper.  Stop motion and close-up video subjects are also covered with Panasonic DSC GX-7 cameras and Sony TD 10 camcorder involved. (Active)

Splash - Coloured droplets of water are captured by flashlight as they collide when hitting a receptacle filled with water of a different colour.  Photographed with Panasonic DMC GX-7 mounted with a 3D lens.  Many of the splashes make recognisable forms; look out for the ‘Lady in Red’. (Active)  

Soundtrack features PG Music - Band in a Box software for background to my own clarinet playing.

A Tale With A Twist -  A visit to Gainsborough Old Hall revealed that, not only was the Hall visited by nobility, but was also the residence of a well known local industrialist, with personal significance! (Active)  

Strictly Spiders (It Takes Two) -  A sequence of 80 macro shots by John Ralph set to music inspired by the TV series Strictly Come Dancing.  The sequence lasts for just 2 minutes. (Active)