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INTRODUCING THE THIRD DIMENSION - This article provides a brief overview of what is required to create digital stereoscopic (3-D) images for print or projection.  Little will be said about the technicalities and theories that surround the subject of Stereoscopic photography, instead, we will be concentrating on how satisfactory results can be achieved with minimal cost and effort.....read on

MANAGING STEREOSCOPIC CONTENT FOR 3D-TV VIEWING - With the availability of 3D-Ready televisions at a reducing price, we can now consider small group, home viewing of our 3D work without the need to set up projectors or pass around a viewer of some kind.  It was this, rather than the availability of broadcast High Definition (HD) 3D-TV or commercial Blu-ray HD 3D disks, that prompted me to purchase a 42” 3D Ready TV in the latter part 2010.  Since then, I have converted many of my shows and video’s for viewing in this way.  If you are thinking along these lines, then I hope you will find this three part series of articles useful......read on  

3D WORKFLOW FOR PHOTODEX PROSHOW SOFTWARE - ProShow (PSH) is a program by Photodex Inc. designed for the production of Audio Visual (AV) presentations (Shows). The visual content is displayed as a ‘Slide’ in a ‘Timeline’.  Slides may simply be a single image, or video, to which ‘Motion’, ‘Effects’, ‘Captions’ and ‘Sounds’ may be added……..read on


This Topic provides a workflow for preparing images to be used as content for a 3D slideshow.  The source images may be stereo pairs, captured by a digital 3D camera as MPO files, or individual left and right images images captured by other means......read on  


Many photographers that own one or the other Fuji Finepix stereoscopic cameras - W1 or W3, will wish to display their captured movies on a 3D TV.  The simplest way to do this would seem to be by connecting the camera directly to the TV with an available HDMI lead.  Alternatively, the SD card can be removed from the camera and placed into the SD card slot on the TV or a connected 3D Blu-ray player.......read on

Introducing 3D Proshow 3D Workflow Proshow 3D Workflow